Eco Asia - Buy your Eco-Solidarity Credits

EcoSolidarity Trust

The Eco-Solidarity Environment and Development Trust will be charged with the mandate of selling "eco-solidarity credits" generated by environmental projects especially in developing countries to raise funds to finance further environmental development projects in those countries, particularly with poor communities.

The term "eco-solidarity" highlights the main point of difference with other carbon credit or offset programs. These credits will be primarily sourced from communities and projects in the developing world.

In the first instance, these "eco-solidarity credits" will be purchased from Geres a French-Cambodian NGO working with peasants and poor communities in Phnom Penh and other Cambodian regions. As well as promoting tree planting and other environmentally validated project. For example, Geres has developed a fuel saving claypot stove that uses 30% less wood than the traditional stoves.

Geres has submitted these stoves to scientific tests and audit to validate the carbon offsets that are generated by the sale and use of these stoves on the basis of the Voluntary Carbon Standard (

In 2006, Geres sold carbon credits to the FIFA World Cup in Germany which had made a commitment to making the World Cup a carbon neutral event.