Eco-Solidarity Credits

A way to offset the carbon we produce

One way to make our lifestyles more environmentally is to find ways to reduce our own energy consumption. Another way is to support other people whose projects also contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

This is exactly what our "eco-solidarity credits" do. By buying "eco-solidarity credits", you will be supporting a project in Cambodia that reduces carbon emissions by promoting fuel-saving claypot stoves.

And so if for example your average family generates two tonnes of carbon emissions a month, one way to compensate for this would be to buy two tonnes of "eco-solidarity credits".

Buying EcoSolidarity credits

When you buy one eco-solidarity credit for $25, this is where your money will go:

$13 will go to a local development project organized by Geres, the Cambodian organisation that has developed the fuel saving claypot stoves and to the Young People for Development (YPD) movement which works with young people in Asia.

$7 will go to our Green WYD project for 2008 to sponsor participants.

$2.50 will go towards the Eco-Solidarity Trust to cover expenses with any surplus to be invested in other environmental and development programs.

$2.50 will go GST.

Total $25 per tonne.

And so the average family can make their life carbon neutral for a total cost of $50 per month.