Making life greener

Greening our life and our world

Australians are among the highest users of energy in the world. This means that we are also among those who produce the most carbon dioxide emissions.

As Christians, we are called to lead in the struggle to build a better world. Pope Benedict has said that "the destruction of the environment, its improper or selfish use, and the violent hoarding of the earth's resources … are the consequences of an inhumane concept of development,"

Pope John Paul II called people to "ecological conversion" saying that "education in ecological responsibility is urgent".

What can we do then to make our lifestyle more environmentally responsible?

One way is to try to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that we pump into the atmosphere by changing our lifestyle.

Since it is not possible for most of us to simply give up the car or even to stop using aeroplanes, we also need to find ways to compensate for the carbon we put into the atmosphere.

This is what "carbon credits" aim to do.

Many big companies today aim to make their businesses "carbon neutral" by buying carbon credits.

People can also do the same. And many opportunities to do this can be found on the web. Virginblue, for example, offers the possibility of paying extra on flights to offset the carbon that the flight generates.

This is also what our "EcoSolidarity credits" do.

Eco-Solidarity Credits - A way to offset the carbon we produce

One way to make our lifestyles more environmentally is to find ways to reduce our own energy consumption.

Another way is to support other people whose projects also contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

This is exactly what our "eco-solidarity credits" do. By buying "eco-solidarity credits", you will be supporting a project in Cambodia that reduces carbon emissions by promoting fuel-saving claypot stoves.