This is an quick overview of our program for Green World Youth Day. The exact program will be available soon.

July 5th : WELCOME DAY. Arrival, Registration, Rest, Public opening ceremony.

July 6th : IMMERSIONS. Religious observance. Introduction to immersions. Departure for the immersions to Greater Bendigo.

July 7th : IMMERSIONS. The participants will go to meet people dealing with water, face with situations where water is a problem : recycling water, drought, polluted water, saving water, water and education, desalination.

July 8th : REPORT DAY. The participants will report what they learned in the immersions and analyze what they saw about water. Public presentation in the afternoon.

July 9th : ANALYZE DAY. An expert will come to give to the participants a global overview of water in the world. The participants will discuss the expert's report in small workshops. In the afternoon, different religious people will be invited to share their vision of water and religion.

July 10th : ACTION DAY. The participants will work in workshops to identify small scale action then can carry out when they go back home.

July 11th : There will be a TREE PLANTING in the morning, and SIGHTSEEING in the afternoon.

July 12th : The participants will take part in an ECO-WALK focusing on Water issues. In the night we will have a CULTURAL SHOW.

July 13th to July 15th Eco tour to bring the participants to Sydney to take part in the World Youth Day.

July 15th and July 16th : General Assembly of the NGO Young People for Development.

July 17th World Youth Day activities.

July 18th World Youth Day activities.

July 19th World Youth Day activities.

July 20th World Youth Day activities.