Your carbon footprint

Your "carbon footprint" measures the amount of carbon dioxide that your lifestyle generates.

Here are a few facts and figures to indicate how much carbon dioxide you are generating.

Your lifestyle

Here are some figures that indicate how much carbon we are causing to go into the atmosphere.

Your car

Driving 20,000 km in a year will produce around 3.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. If you drive 40,000 km a year, it will be 7 tonnes.

Living at home

The average family home is estimated to generate around 14 tonnes of carbon emissions in a year.


A round trip to Europe will generate around 4 tonnes of carbon emissions. A holiday in Asia will generate around 2 tonnes.

The average Aussie lifestyle

The average Australian person is estimated to generate around 24 tonnes over the course of a year.

Monthly consumption

Another way to look at is is to say that the average Aussie family generates two tonnes of carbon emissions per month.